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Writing content for Daysupport Website

Published On: Feb 04 2024
Written By: Krishnan Sethuraman
Category: Projects

Last weekend I had planned to launch the website. From a design perspective it was easy as I used a plain bootstrap theme. 

However from a content perspective the website was a very complex task. Website content is like Achilles’ heel for me. It’s not my strength but I do it reasonably well. 

Last weekend I decided to launch the website but will work on the content gradually. Though I am not an expert in writing content I am going to write the initial content as I am the subject matter expert in this project. 

So the initial version of the content with all the necessary technical information should come from me. 

Later on I can contract an experienced content / copy writer to modify my content and make it easy and informative for a prospective lead visiting the website. 

Plan for writing the content

Weekend 1

Home page and features page - For the first weekend I put the website in place with all the required pages. The pages were all empty. 

My target was to get the overall structure of the website with all the pages that I wanted the website to have. 

Once I completed the website structure I then focused on writing content for the home page. 

The home page (aka the landing page) is most important as almost all visitors will land on this page first. So I made sure that the content on this page conveys the message that I intend to convey. 

Weekend 2

In the second weekend I focused on the individual features page. I will write content only for the features that are live. The features which are yet to be developed or under development will be empty until those features are launched. 

This weekend I wrote content for features like ticket management and sla policies. 

Next Steps

Writing content is taking longer than I expected so I will not pause the development process anymore. 

I will keep progressing with the development process while writing one or two pieces of content for the website. 

This way I will not be sacrificing any aspect of the product.