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Building Chuckle

I am building Chuckle to increase my skills in building complex and scalable web applications. Throughout this journey I have written numerous blog posts to share my learnings.

Get chuckle APIs

Jul 8, 2023

This weekend I focused on building two simple GET APIs...

Building create Chuckle api

Jul 8, 2023

The exciting time in Building Chuckle has started. From now onwards...

Planning Chuckle features

Jul 2, 2023

I had some time late in the evening so decided to sit and plan...

Creating virtual hosts and SSL

Jul 1, 2023

I had to create the web space on the server where the source code...

Configuring DNS

Jul 1, 2023

I am not going with a separate domain for this project. I don’t...

Frontend design and planning

Jun 27, 2023

Before working on the backend I wanted to put a simple plan for the...

Setting up Github repositories

Jun 24, 2023

To host the source code I created two Github repositories. One for...

Building a Twitter clone

Jun 24, 2023

Chuckle is an open source Twitter like application that I will be building in...